The HACHI Shochu, Sweet Potato (Imo), Virgin Oak Matured


THE HACHI SHOCHU, Sweet Potato (Imo), Cask Matured is a collaboration with Ookubo Shuzo,  a family owned farm distillery in Kagoshima and Hacchan who, somewhere along the way was also exposed to Whisky and the benefits of Cask Maturation. Made from Kogane Sengan, a fluffy delicious variety of sweet potato with a lovely aroma and golden skin color and single distilled under normal atmospheric pressure (making it a Honkaku Shochu) to retain the flavors of the underlying ingredient, this Batch 1 is a vatting of 90% matured for about 2 years and 10% matured for about 2 months in Virgin Oak to retain the flavour of the origin spirit while adding an extra dimension of complexity to the nose, palate and finish.


Color: Straw, Hay, Light Gold

Nose: Fresh fruits, moscatel, lychee, almost like a fresh sparkling white wine, cream soda and fresh mint with subtle sweetness

Palate: Initial sweetness with fresh mint, cream soda, cereals and spices likes cloves and cardamom with a hint of oak and dark chocolate at the back.


Recommended way to Drink: Straight Up, On the Rocks or as a Highball (3 parts of sparkling water to 1 part The Hachi Shochu).

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Region: Japan

Distillery: Okubo Shuzo

Age: NAS

ABV: 30%

Size: 720 ml


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