2019 Adriano Adami Col Fondo Sur Lieviti Brut Nature
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2019 Adriano Adami Col Fondo Sur Lieviti Brut Nature



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A great summer wine, refreshing, crisp, and light. A good accompaniment to fish and to risotto with mushrooms or vegetables.

87 Decanter World Wine Awards

Col Fondo, long an icon of the Valdobbiadene tradition, has been an honoured part of our family history since the early 1900s. Grandfather Abele, first, and then our father Adriano bottled their sparkling wine in the spring; then, the heat that came in May and June caused the wine to re-ferment in the bottle, producing what we have always called “vin col fondo,” or wine with sediment.


Why? Because once the yeasts consumed all the remaining residual sugar in the wine, the spent yeast cells fell to the bottom of the bottle as a sediment, which, over time, contributed to an interesting evolution in the wine’s character.

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